Best PPSSPP Gold Games Of All Time – 2018 Edition

PlayStation Portable games have gained a comprehensive response among the android users. Since everything has become portable and handy; users wanted things to be inside their hand.  Likewise, games also fall into the list, where we had to buy large play stations and video game accessories in our past days.  Now we can access very highly developed games from our very own hands!!! Yes! Now we are going to peek into the list of best PPSSPP gold games that are most popular and downloaded.

PSSPP gold Apk

PSSPP gold Apk

Best PPSSPP Gold Games Of All Time – 2018 Edition

  1. God of War Ghost of Sparta

It is one of the best PSP games for android.  It excites the users with its stunning graphics and effects.  The storyline moves in the direction where the Sparta warrior is guided by the Goddess Athena.  As per Athena’s instruction, the warrior travels to find the Sun God Helios.  The player will have to battle into the city to fight against giants and Medusa.  The mission gets accomplished by battling together with brother against the boss.

  1. Gun Showdown

Gun Showdown is known for its best sound quality and graphics.  The game is designed for the third person mode and switches to the first person on selecting “quick draw.”  The story takes place at Wild West, and the player will have to take control of the Colton to complete the primary mission.  Features like different weapons such as shotguns, bows, rifles, revolvers, pull the attention of the players.  Also, travel around the city on horseback will make the user feel like they are in the virtual spot.

  1. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto, popularly known as GTA is not new to the world.  It is considered to be the most recognized and most downloaded game ever.  GTA has long storyline where the GTA vice city is filled with amazing graphics. The game has a multiplayer mode allowing the user to share the game with their friends.  Variety of guns such as bazooka, snipers, shotgun, ammunition loaded with heavy weapons, cars, helicopters, makes the game look richer and satisfying.

  1. WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 is one of the most popular PSP games.  WWE Smackdown is built with cool features and great graphics.  It is worth playing as the team had come with the new version in which WWE universe mode, improved road to WrestleMania are added.  Also, in this version, the player cannot wrestle against sexes. Various weapon and story mode are added advantage to this game.

  1. Assasins Creed

It is a most beloved game by all the game lovers.  The storyline itself has particular attention among the users.  Altair has to face the new enemy after the assault of Templar leaders.  Players will run, explore, perform Combat skill, and much more to complete the primary mission and side mission as well.  As we already told, Assasins Creed is loved by all for its perfect working and graphics.

How to play these best PPSSPP Gold Games?

  • Download and install the app from the Play store or download the PPSSPP gold apk. If you are from Apple iOS, check this guide to install PPSSPP for iPhone & iPad.
  • Install any archive from Playstore
  • Open the File manager on your device and locate the downloaded file
  • Unarchive and open the PPSSPP app
  • Locate the game from the app
  • Install and start playing

Apart from the above list, various other PSP games are compatible with your android phone.  FIFA, G.I.Joe, PES 25, Lord of Arcana, Dungeon Siege, Ghost Rider, Dragon Ball, etc. are some of the most popular PSP games which will give you a fantastic experience.


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